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Taking inspiration from her Interior Design background and relaxed beach lifestyle Jessica's design process begins by combining a variety of different mediums beginning with pencil drawings, marker pen illustrations, watercolours + gouache to fully realise what the overall colour palette + pattern will feel like. She then researches + brainstorms current trends in the market before merging her hand-drawn elements with her computer-generated designs. This produces original prints that reflect her individual style and flair for textile design.


Jessica has completed a Bachelor of Design 2D & 3D, a Diploma of Education majoring in Art and is skilled in Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign she has developed her style to reflect beautiful florals and intricate prints that are perfect for homewares + fashion.


She is passionate about design, in her words describes it as.

'You know when something doesn't feel like work, it's just fun . . . Well that's what designing is for me, give me all the colour + markers + paint + tech + brief and I will create something just for you.'  


On the weekends you'll find her at the the beach, socialising with friends, a bit of on the spot shopping, and spending time in her studio honing her craft.

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Jess in the bush
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